Management of Radial Neck Fractures

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Kyle J. Miller
Kenneth Noonan


Radial neck fractures account for up to 10% of all pediatric elbow fractures, usually occurring as a result of valgus stress onto an outstretched arm.  Most radial neck fractures occur through the periphyseal metaphyseal bone, with a smaller subset occurring through the physis. Treatment can depend on the fracture morphology, degree of displacement and/or angulation, age of the patient, and associated injuries. Stiffness following these injuries is common, but a number of other complications have also been described.  This paper provides a brief review of radial neck fractures and offers guidance on their management and especially highlights less invasive methods to manage these fractures.

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Miller, K. J., & Noonan, K. (2021). Management of Radial Neck Fractures. Journal of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, 3(3).
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