Editor’s Note

DOI: 10.55275/JPOSNA-2023-659

Volume 5, Number 1, February 2023


Our February 1, 2023, JPOSNA® edition marks one year since we began to accept, review, and publish Original Research. The Editorial Board and Staff recognize that this has been a collective effort from our society. A number of moving parts were required to pivot from a purely educational resource to a publication that includes Original Research evaluated through blinded review. In one year, we have published 26 peer-reviewed manuscripts with a 55% acceptance rate. Not only is the acceptance rate higher than other Pediatric Orthopaedic journals, but the culture of JPOSNA® is also different than other journals. In a number of instances where Original Research did not pass muster for publication, we have worked with the authors to change the focus to an educational manuscript. Our mission is to look for value in all submissions as a potential benefit to our membership.

On the surface, the ability to change focus and accept Original Research would seem like an effortless transition. Yet, we need to recognize the support of Teri Stech, Executive Director, and the staff of POSNA to immediately operationalize the process of peer review and to help Lisa DuShane, Managing Editor. Many thanks go to Bryan Tompkins, MD, Deputy Editor for Technology, who modified the publishing platform to receive and disperse manuscripts for review. Small obstacles were discovered and were corrected quickly: Bryan continues to tweak and modify the system. We need to acknowledge and thank JR Cruz, MD, Deputy Editor for Original Research. As the master puppeteer, he screens all manuscripts and quickly sends them out for review. Many will undoubtedly notice that these e-mails are sent during the workday, evening, and over the weekend.

JPOSNA® is your journal, and this became obvious when 173 members volunteered to perform blinded review, and 82 have graciously given their time. Please see the list here of volunteers for which one member has done SEVEN reviews to date. As a way to acknowledge and get to know our volunteer reviewers, we will select a reviewer to highlight each year. Please join me in recognizing Walter Truong, MD, whose volume and quality of reviews have been exemplary—so nice to know the person who contributes so much.

The future of JPOSNA® is bright because of you; Pediatric Orthopaedists care for children—you innovate, you do research, and you educate. JPOSNA® is simply an extension of that passion, and it shows.


Ken Noonan, MD


[email protected]