Message from the President

DOI: 10.55275/JPOSNA-2023-660

Volume 5, Number 1, February 2023


It is a privilege and pleasure to write the President’s Message for JPOSNA® Vol. 5 No. 1. With spring coming, it is a good time to reflect on growth. We are a healthy growing diverse organization with a record number of membership applications this past year, expansion in our technology platforms, and some exciting things ahead for JPOSNA®. We continue to grow our mission in patient care, education, and research as demonstrated by the tremendous attendance and enthusiasm that was present at the IPOS® Meeting in December.

Part of the Lean and Meaning(ful) theme that I proposed last year is that by getting lean and removing things that are no longer useful, it allows room for new growth. Our Board of Directors, led by Dan Sucato, MD, has been very engaged in streamlining our committee/council structure which will not only make us more collaborative and synergistic but allow us some room for growth when new needs and/or opportunities arise. Volunteerism is at the heart of this organization driven by our committee work, and the committee application program (CAP) is also in the process of being reorganized for efficiency and ease of use. Our meeting structure has also changed with the sunsetting of the Pre-Course and the Annual Meeting concluding on Friday. These changes will allow us to deliver the same academic and social activity in a more efficient manner as well as allow participants to return home for family activities or take the weekend to enjoy Nashville. Equally important is that this new Leaner and Mean(ingful) meeting format will allow us to be more competitive and cost-effective as we select future meeting sites. Change can be difficult, but within that difficulty is the opportunity to grow stronger and better. This culture and mindset have allowed us to thrive in these challenging times when other organizations around us have stumbled or failed.

JPOSNA® itself continues to grow as well in terms of reach and content, and we are committed to smart growth. The unique nature of JPOSNA®, under the guidance of Ken Noonan, MD; Bryan Tompkins, MD; JR Cruz, MD; and Lisa DuShane, allows us to innovate and do things that many traditional journals cannot. We have gone from being referred to as “an unproven startup” to “an innovative early success” by major publishers, and our growth continues not only in content but by our reach both nationally and internationally.

On a personal note, it has been an honor and pleasure to be the 39th President of POSNA. In this position, I have had the privilege to observe firsthand the tremendous energy, commitment to excellence, collegiality, and dedication to serving the mission of improving musculoskeletal care for children. I have been able to see how much work goes on behind the scenes by so many people to make this organization shine when the spotlight comes on. It is truly humbling and inspiring, and I have learned so much from all of you. I can emphatically say that the future of this organization is bright and in good hands when Dan Sucato, MD, becomes the 40th President in Nashville.

Thank you to Executive Director Teri Stech and the POSNA staff for your tireless energy, enthusiasm, and passion you have for the organization. And thank you to my wife, Julie, and my three sons, Lucas, Zac, and Jake, for being there every step of the way and supporting my service to this organization that has been my professional home for 25 years and many more in the future.


Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD

President, POSNA