Triple Fusion in Children and Adolescents Master's Surgical Technique

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James Recordon
Dawson Muir


Most foot deformities affecting children and adolescents can be managed nonoperatively or with joint-preserving procedures. Severe fixed deformities often require more comprehensive treatment, and triple fusion remains an option in these situations. Surgical decision-making in electing for a triple fusion in this age group and in these rare conditions can be difficult. The primary goals of treatment are elimination of pain, correction of the deformity, and maintenance of a plantigrade foot. This review aims to outline those situations where triple fusion is warranted and describe our technique.

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Recordon, J., & Muir, D. (2023). Triple Fusion in Children and Adolescents: Master’s Surgical Technique. Journal of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, 5(4).
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