JPOSNA Image Policy

All images and artwork should be included within your Word file and NOT saved as a separate attachment. 


Figure Legends: 
The images captions or legends should be separate and not be in embedded into the images.  This makes editing of the legends difficult when time for publication.  See example below:


Image File Size:
Some images are very large and make handling of Word files unmanageable.  There are also upload restrictions to the submission site to make editing easier.  You can reduce the size of submission file by compressing the images within your document. 

To compress the images in your paper, you need to double click on an embedded image, go to “Format” and select "Compress Image" from the ribbon (see below).

Within the dialog box, choose the follwing options to apply the correct setting to all the images in your document. 

For  more instructions on how to reduce the files size of your images click here.