Intraspinal Anomalies and Their Interplay with Spinal Deformity in Early Onset Scoliosis Current Concept Review

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A. Luke Shiver
Joshua J. Chern
Barunashish Brahma
Joshua Murphy
Nicholas Fletcher


Numerous articles have reported the presence of intraspinal anomalies in children with early onset scoliosis (EOS) and have found varying effect of neurosurgical intervention on the risk of spinal deformity progression.  However, no study to date has performed a detailed analysis of the implications of intraspinal anomalies on scoliotic development and the implications of neurosurgical intervention on curve progression in children with EOS.  This article reviewed the relevant information as it pertains to children < 10 years of age with scoliosis associated with tethered cord, syringomyelia, and Arnold-Chiari (Chiari) malformations. The influence of aspect of the spinal anomaly of spinal deformity is reviewed as well as the identification of risk factors for curve progression following neurosurgical intervention.

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