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Ken Noonan, MD - Editor-in-Chief


When the Inaugural edition of JPOSNA was released in November of 2019, COVID-19 was a distant threat and was barely on the minds of most Americans.  As this second Edition is released; we have a million infected Americans and have lost close to 60,000 souls.  Life has been altered in almost every way imaginable; historians and pundits will study this time for decades.

For our membership and our profession, times have also changed.  European colleagues are rounding as ICU fellows in makeshift hospitals that used to house travelers as hotels.  American surgeons and providers have been redeployed to emergency rooms and medical units.  Elective pediatric orthopaedic surgery has been temporarily cancelled.  In the horror of this pandemic it is almost selfish to even think about the cancelled in-person POSNA Annual meeting this year.  This meeting has been a gathering of like-minded individuals, a “family” dedicated to caring for children with orthopaedic conditions.

Like our own familes who have adapted with social distancing, virtual education and Zoom meetings; POSNA has adapted with our 2020 virtual meeting.  What hasn’t changed for our membership?  It’s here on these pages.  POSNA members doing what they do so well, and in a maelstrom of uncertainty.  Authors, advisors and colleagues gathering their energy and dedication to children; writing content and showing each other how to be better at this vocation.  Thank you to all who contribute, teach and guide us.

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