The Journal of the Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America is an open access online journal focusing on pediatric orthopedic conditions, treatment and technology.

Vol 1 No 1 (2019): November 2019 - The Inaugural Issue

Published: 2019-11-08

Surgical Technique: Power Pedicle Preparation and Screw Insertion in the Treatment of Pediatric Spinal Deformity

Kenneth David Illingworth, MD, Lindsay M. Andras, MD, Amy A. Claeson, PhD, David L. Skaggs, MD, MMM

Growth Modulation for Childhood Scoliosis

Where Have we Come From and Where are we Going?

Lisa Bonsignore-Opp, BA, Joshua Murphy, MD, David Skaggs, MD, Patrick Cahill, MD, Laurel Blakemore, MD, Stefan Parent, MD, Amer Samdani, MD, Tricia St Hilaire, MS, Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH

Skeletally Immature Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Invited Perspectives of POSNA Member Experts

Aristides I. Cruz, Jr., MD, MBA, Nirav K. Pandya, MD, Theodore J. Ganley, MD, Mininder S. Kocher, MD, MPH

Current Concept Review: The Role of Bracing in Pediatric Orthopaedics

Selina Poon, MD, Brett Lullo, MD, Cynthia Nguyen, MD, Ebubechi Okwumabua, Marilan Luong, Meghan Imrie, MD, Geordy Gantsoudes, MD, Robert H. Cho, MD

POSNA 2019 Annual Meeting: Best Clinical Paper

Two-Year Functional Outcomes of Operative vs. Non-Operative Treatment of Completely Displaced Midshaft Clavicle Fractures in Adolescents: Results from a Prospective, Multicenter, Level 2 Study

Benton E. Heyworth, MD, Andrew T. Pennock, MD, Ying Li, MD, Leslie A. Kalish, ScD, Brittany Dragonetti, BA, Henry B. Ellis, MD, Jeffrey Nepple, MD, S. Clifton Willimon, MD, David Spence, MD, Nirav K. Pandya, MD, Mininder S. Kocher, MD, MPH, Eric W. Edmonds, MD, Philip Wilson, MD, Michael Busch, MD, Coleen Sabatini, MD, Donald S. Bae, MD

POSNA 2019 Annual Meeting: Best Trauma Paper

Does Time to Treatment of Pediatric Femoral Shaft Fractures Impact Clinical Outcomes?

Todd Milbrandt, MD, Anthony Stans, MD, Jennifer Grauberger, BA, William Shaughnessy, MD, A. Noelle Larson, MD
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