In this special edition of JPOSNA®, we have gathered together some of the leaders in orthopaedic education to review how surgical simulation is currently being used as well as its role in expanding educational opportunities for developing surgeons. The core of the issue is a culmination of simulation training exercises currently being implemented at a range of orthopaedic programs with videos detailing the techniques as well as supply lists and estimated supply costs in the hope that our readers will be inspired to incorporate one or more of these techniques into their own programs. Equally important, we have reached out to those who have successfully implemented incredible simulation programs both at POSNA and their own institutions and asked them to reflect on how these programs were created as well as offer suggestions for how to build successful surgical education programs for those looking to implement more simulation training in their educational curriculum.

Published: 2022-08-15

Integrating Simulation for Developing Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Fixation Skills into an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program

Joshua B. Holt, Steven A. Long, Marcus Tatum, Geb W. Thomas, Donald D. Anderson, Matthew D. Karam, Heather R. Kowalski

A Surgical Simulation Module on Pediatric Femoral Osteotomies for Orthopaedic Surgery Residents

Zachary A. Quanbeck, Walter H. Truong, Michael T. Healy, Deborah S. Quanbeck, Emmalynn J. Sigrist

Preoperative Planning for Your Career

Michael S. Schallmo, Robby Turk, Brian P. Scannell, Joseph R. Hsu

The Next Generation of Immersive Surgical Education: We Must Achieve Presence

Jonathan G. Schoenecker, Madi Shultz Tummins, Stephanie N. Moore-Lotridge