Published: 2023-05-01

QI/PI: POSNA Safe Surgery Program (PSSP) – First-Year Results Implementing Quality Metrics

Original Research

Kali Tileston, Maike van Niekerk, Michael Vitale, Robert Cho, Brian Brighton, Abhishek Tippabhatla, Matthew Rohde, Kevin Shea

Orthopaedics and Biomedical Engineering Design: An Innovative Duet toward a Better Tomorrow

Current Concept Review

Alvin W. Su, Ashutosh Khandha, Sonia Bansal, Jennifer M. Ty, Andrew Baldys, Zachary P. French, John P. Puccinelli

Diagnosis and Management of Nerve Injuries Caused by Pediatric Upper Extremity Fractures

Current Concept Review

Christine A. Ho, Hilton P. Gottschalk, Julie Balch Samora, Krister Freese, Sonia Chaudhry, POSNA QSVI Hand/Upper Extremity Committee

The Reliability of Intraoperative Hip Arthrography in Cerebral Palsy Hip Reconstruction

Original Research

Colyn Watkins, Laura Lins, Trisha Miller, Travis Matheney, Brian Snyder, Kemble Wang, Kerr Graham, Benjamin Shore

Major Cobb Angle Did Not Decrease in 92% of Patients After Vertebral Body Tethering Surgery Following First Erect Radiograph

Tiffany N. Phan, Tishya A. Wren, Michael J. Heffernan, Firoz Miyanji, Stefan Parent, Michelle C. Welborn, David L. Skaggs, Kenneth David Illingworth, Pediatric Spine Study Group, Lindsay M. Andras

The Reliability of the Modified Fels Knee Skeletal Maturity System

Ryan J. Furdock, Kristie J. Sun, Bryan O. Ren, Matthew Folkman, Matthew P. Glotzbecker, Jochen P. Son-Hing, Allison Gilmore, Christina K. Hardesty, R. Justin Mistovich, Raymond W. Liu

Changes in Management Based on X-rays After Pinning of Supracondylar Humerus Fractures: Rare, but More Common in Complex Injuries

Ashwin Madhan, Yuyang Chu, Jason Anari, Michael Carter, Jessica Heyer, Arianna Trionfo, Jordan Manning, Amir Misaghi, Dallyn Udall, Neeraj Patel