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Published: 2021-02-01

Innovations in Pediatric Prosthetics

Current Concept Review

Michelle Hall, Rosanna Wustrack, Donald Cummings, Richard Welling Jr., Mary Kaleta, Kevin Koenig Jr., Jennifer Laine, Sara Morgan

A Primer on Statistics

Current Concepts Review

Sara Davis, Neeraj Patel, Ifeoma Inneh, Raymond Guo, R. Justin Mistovich, Tracey Bastrom, Scott McKay

Platelet Dysfunction in Major Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery: A Cause of Common Surgical Bleeding Phenotypes

AAP Annual Meeting-Young Investigator Awards

Lydia McKeithan, Matthew Duvernay, Vaibhav Tadepalli, Stephanie N. Moore-Lotridge, Breanne Gibson, Alexandra Borst, Jonathan Schoenecker

Comparison of Long vs. Short Leg Casts for Distal Third Tibial Shaft Fractures in Children

AAP Annual Meeting-Young Investigator Awards

Scott A. Barnett, Michael J. Heffernan, Bailli Fontenot, Sagar Shah, Claudia Leonardi, Joseph Gonzales, Dominic Gargiulo

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: Quantifying if Patients Read, Understand, and Act on Online Resources?

AAP Annual Meeting-Young Investigator Awards

Holly K. Conger, Stuart Weinstein, Burke Gao, Trevor Gulbrandsen, Alan Shamrock, Mary-Kate Skalitzky, Joshua Holt

Non-Accidental Trauma in Pediatric Elbow Fractures — Beware of Non-Ambulatory Elbow Fractures

AAP Annual Meeting-Young Investigator Awards

Vaibhav Tadepalli, Stephanie N. Moore-Lotridge, Jonathan Schoenecker, Andrew B. Rees, Jacob Schultz, Lucas Wollenman

“RAMBO” Lesions: Radiographic Anomalies Missed by Orthopaedists

Quality Improvement Case Series

Anna Rambo, Trevor McGee, David Spence, Benjamin Sheffer, Derek Kelly, James Beaty

Antibiotic Considerations in the Management of Pediatric Open Fractures

Current Concept Review

Edgar Garcia-Lopez, Emil Stefan Vutescu, Sebastian Orman, Jonathan Schiller, Craig P. Eberson, Aristides I. Cruz

Pearls and Pitfalls of Forearm Nailing

Current Concept Review

Sreeharsha Nandyala, Benjamin Shore, Grant Hogue