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Published: 2021-05-01

Using Data-Driven, Principled Negotiation with a Clinician-Integrated Approach to Achieve Best Values on Spinal Implants

Quality, Safety and Value (QSVI)

Kelly H. McFarlane, Eli M. Cahan, Amanda Chawla, James Lee, Ly Nguyen, Vignesh Rajagopalan, Serena S. Hu, John K. Ratliff, John S. Vorhies, Meghan N. Imrie, Lawrence A. Rinksy, Steven L. Frick, James K. Wall, Kevin G. Shea

Levels of Evidence Are Not the Whole Story

Susan Nelson, Unni Narayanan, Matthew Schmitz, Scott McKay, Tracey Bastrom, Arvindera Ghag, Joseph Janicki, Judson Karlen, Indranil Kushare, Ronald Lewis, Justin Mistovich, Neeraj Patel, William Phillips, Jeffrey Sawyer, Kelly Vanderhave, Maegen Wallace

JPOSNA Coding Corner: Fracture Clinic

Ryan Muchow, Stephanie Holmes, Sarah Wiskerchen

JPOSNA Skeletal Dysplasia Quiz

William Mackenzie, Klane White, Matt Bernstein, Samantha Spencer

Pediatric Acute Compartment Syndrome

Current Concept Review

Christopher D. Souder, Scott Yang, Dustin A. Greenhill, Phillip McClure, Matthew Ellington

Traumatic Physeal Arrests at the Wrist

Current Concept Review

Laura Bellaire, Carley Vuillermin, Suzanne Steinman, Walter Truong, Donald Bae, Doug Wallace, Christine Ho

Medical Mission to Ambato, Ecuador

POGO Travel Journal

Michael Horan, Kevin Williams, Henry Iwinski, Vishwas Talwalkar, Scott Riley