Innovations in Pediatric Prosthetics Current Concept Review

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Michelle Hall
Rosanna Wustrack
Donald Cummings
Richard Welling Jr.
Mary Kaleta
Kevin Koenig Jr.
Jennifer Laine
Sara Morgan


Although many of the surgical and technological advances for prosthetics have emerged from caring for adults, the pediatric patient with limb differences continues to provide unique challenges and demands appropriate, pediatric-specific innovation. Not only do children test the current technology with their size, weight, and potential growth, but also with their chosen activities, energy-level and drive to explore varied environments. This article explores the recent advances within the broader realm of prosthetics, primarily based on research in adult patients.  It identifies technologies that have already been translated to pediatric populations and points out areas for potential pediatric applications. This review also highlights numerous needs and gaps in the currently available resources and tools for these patients, including surgical techniques, prosthetic componentry, and rehabilitation strategies. Further innovation and research are needed for pediatric patients to maximize their functional potential while using a prosthesis.

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Hall, M., Wustrack, R., Cummings, D., Welling Jr., R., Kaleta, M., Koenig Jr., K., Laine, J., & Morgan, S. (2021). Innovations in Pediatric Prosthetics: Current Concept Review. Journal of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, 3(1).
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